T.A.S.C. Tangibles for Augmenting Spatial Recognition

You can find a link to the T.A.S.C project video here. Filmed and edited by yours truly.

The T.A.S.C. Tangibles for Augmenting Spatial Recognition, (2017) system was developed through Ryerson University’s Synaesthetic Media Lab (Synlab). Using hybrid-virtual reality technology, T.A.S.C maps tangible objects to its virtual counterparts to help users solve spatial-oriented puzzles in an immersive-virtual environment. I designed the core T.A.S.C system documented below with revisions and game design assistance from other Synlab Colleagues. T.A.S.C eventually developed into other hybrid-systems that targeted other cognitive practices in STEM learning such as penetrative-thinking. The project was funded by the Canada Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council Insight Grants program.