Hi! I'm Georgina Yeboah!

I’m based in Toronto, Ontario, Canada and I specialize in both 2D and 3D Illustration, Interaction Design and Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) research. I hold a BFA in New Media from Toronto metropolitan University and an MDes in Digital Futures from OCAD University. My thesis focused on the nature of interactivity within digital and physical spaces. I Investigated the application of user-inputs and outputs within the scenarios and environments they were placed in through sensors, monitors and visual components. I have experience in AR and VR integrations, HTML, CSS and JavaScript and I’m familiar with React, Typescript and a little Svelte. I’m also interested in smart-space design, context-aware applications and the internet of things.

Besides my digital background I am very passionate about comics and their ability to weave together a story. I love drawing. When I was about 6 or 7 years old, I began making 6-panel comics. In 2014, I started making webcomics and posted my first pages online. My current webcomic, Over 8 Miles began production 2016 and is still on-going. The comedic drama is being hosted on Tapas and other web-comic platforms.

I joined the Spline team from February 2022 to July 2023 where I helped users create interactive 3D experiences on the web using Spline on the Spline Community Discord Server. I also ran weekly livestreams known as SplineLives. Now I’m continuing to work on my brand and create more 2D/3D art! If you’re interested in my work or would like to chat, feel free to contact me via my socials.