1000 Dreams or More

Exhibitions: Ryerson University’s 20th Maximum Exposure, 2015

Orientation Nuit Vibrant Exhibition, 2017

1000 Dreams Or More Documentation Video

1000 Dreams or More, (2015) is an interactive installation that collects personal wishes from users. These wishes are presented as floating orbs in a dark space. They are collected and projected on a wall in real time.

Each wish is categorized as either spiritual, materialistic or wishes made in thought of others. Spiritual wishes are in hues of blue, materialistic wishes are in hues of pink and the wishes in thought of others are in hues of purple. A local word bank would match the keywords entered by users. This would determine the type of orb that would appear on the wall. Other wishes that did not fit into any of these categories would be uncategorized and present an opal like hue. The reality of a wish coming true was determined by the size of the orb. The bigger the orb, the more likely it would come true.

After a user entered their wish, a poem accompanied by a short animation would play for a few seconds corresponding to the nature of that user’s wish. Uncategorized wishes also played poems that were carefully crafted to universally fit a user’s wish no matter what it was.

1000 Dreams or More was my BFA thesis project in 2015. It aimed to reflect upon the ideas of what wishes were to us, what they did for us, and what they meant to us. The installation created an harmonic collective that audiences could relate to in the practice of being hopeful within a dark space of uncertainty.